How We Started

In 2020, a group of Veterans met at the MOSES Conference in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.  They talked about the National Organization, Farmer Veteran Coalition, and wondered why there wasn’t a Wisconsin Chapter.  Some writing on a napkin and a sharing of ideas later, Joe Koch had the beginnings of the new chapter.  In May 2021, the Chapter was finally enacted and the Executive Board started working on programs with the goal of helping Wisconsin farmer Veterans.


Help Wisconsin Farmer Veterans achieve their goals through mentorship, education, fellowship, and sponsorship


Through mentorship, education, fellowship, and sponsorship, we strive to help Wisconsin Veterans meet personal, business, and community goals.


Our values include teamwork through cooperation, adaptability through creativity, problem-solving, and resiliency, and trasparency through fairness, inclusivity, and truthfulness

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National Farmer Veteran Coalition

FVC is the nation’s largeest nonprofit organization assisting over 30,000 veterans – and currently serving members – of the Armed Forces to embark on careers in agriculture.  Over the last 14 years, the organization has awarded over $3.5 million in direct-to-farmer grants to more than 800 farmer Veterans.

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